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Comment: I need help for my 20 year...

I've been in a similar situation myself for some time now. If there are any colleges or universities in the area that offer dental degrees, look into whether or not they offer free or low cost basic work, as many do. There is another long-shot you can attempt as I have for a few years now, if youre willing to take the trade-off. Certain television talk shows offer reconstructive services to selected participants, but it is difficult to get selected, apparently. I have been so desperate that I've nearly bombarded them with requests to be on such an episode with no luck so far. Best of luck and wishes to you and your family. Knowing first-hand how difficult it is having dental problems you can't afford to fix, I truly hope you are able to find assistance.

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In Dire Need of Dental Assistance

Hello Reader,

I am in dire need of dental assistance. Despite healthy oral hygeine practices for the past decade or so I have had decaying teeth which I have not been able afford any work for. It's impossible to eat many types of food without great discomfort now and I have attempted numerous times to find assistance.
The matter seems to have now developed into a reactive phobia of sorts which affects my ability to effectively communicate orally, and above all is starting to greatly affect my ability to concentrate on tasks any time pain is present.

I'm an IT Specialist working toward my masters degree, but my situation is that of a downward spiral where I cant afford to fix this problem due to a lack of money, and cant seem to get a decent job because of my appearances.

I'm willing to trade any of a number of services in exchange for free or low-cost reconstructive work, preferably implants.
I'm educated and experienced in various areas of computers and technology including Web Design, Networking, PC Hardware and Software Troubleshooting / Repair, Information Security, Billing and Accounting Systems, Server Systems, Programming, etc, etc, etc.
I am also willing to offer services outside of the IT scope, such as general labor, residential construction and business consultation, new business startups, electrical work, automotive repair (incl high-performance work), dog training, and photography.
I'm willing to do anything I'm knowledgeable and skilled in, really. Feel free to ask about other work I can do?

Any assistance either directly or by referral is GREATLY appreciated.


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I've always been a good natured and generous person. Growing up, there was always at least one person in my small circle of friends that was without a job, and I was the one that started what became the tradition of working to help support those of us that didnt have a job, and it always ended up being reciprocated in the end.
I honestly feel that is more how the world should work, and certainly I feel this way tenfold now - once for each of the last ten years that I have been unable to afford to keep up on my dental work.

I know that if I could just afford to move out of Michigan I could move somewhere with more work in my chosen career field, but without some sort of improvement in my ability to maintain a healthy diet and improved oral appearance, that I'm just as likely to end up where I am now again anyway. minimally employed and in constant pain. No person should ever have to endure a catch-22 that affects their life so severely as this.

It has also been my more recent inspiration to become a philanthropist myself, once I can overcome the basic financial curve of being able to fully support myself financially. I know I am not the only person out there facing this kind of adverse situation, and I personally feel that this is where the most difference can be made.
If an otherwise capable person is unable to take care of themselves well enough to rise above their handicap, whatever it may be, then this is one more person willing and able to help that the world may never see, and in promoting philanthropy itself on an interpersonal level - not just generic donations to organizations, I feel that there is potentially exponential growth in the philanthropic community to be had.

Just my own 2 cents to hopefully give a basic idea of the kind of person I strive to be.

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