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DT started this conversation
I've always been a good natured and generous person. Growing up, there was always at least one person in my small circle of friends that was without a job, and I was the one that started what became the tradition of working to help support those of us that didnt have a job, and it always ended up being reciprocated in the end.
I honestly feel that is more how the world should work, and certainly I feel this way tenfold now - once for each of the last ten years that I have been unable to afford to keep up on my dental work.

I know that if I could just afford to move out of Michigan I could move somewhere with more work in my chosen career field, but without some sort of improvement in my ability to maintain a healthy diet and improved oral appearance, that I'm just as likely to end up where I am now again anyway. minimally employed and in constant pain. No person should ever have to endure a catch-22 that affects their life so severely as this.

It has also been my more recent inspiration to become a philanthropist myself, once I can overcome the basic financial curve of being able to fully support myself financially. I know I am not the only person out there facing this kind of adverse situation, and I personally feel that this is where the most difference can be made.
If an otherwise capable person is unable to take care of themselves well enough to rise above their handicap, whatever it may be, then this is one more person willing and able to help that the world may never see, and in promoting philanthropy itself on an interpersonal level - not just generic donations to organizations, I feel that there is potentially exponential growth in the philanthropic community to be had.

Just my own 2 cents to hopefully give a basic idea of the kind of person I strive to be.

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You are welcome and keep this for reference

I hope you don't have to wait another year...

Talk to Starshine
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Thanks so much.  I have signed up for Donated Dental Services.  It's been a year and six months.  They just don't have enough volunteer Dentists signed up.  Which there was a way to appeal to other dentists to sign up.  I may have to wait another year.

I'll try the other links.  Bless you.


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I am sorry you lost everything you owned. Here is a place for free medical and dental clinics in your state. Just 


To see which one is close to you.


for complete information

Anyone in the state that is elderly or handicapped can call Donated Dental Services and apply to participate: (800) 946-6016. There is also a DDS program specifically for Acadiana called 232-HELP/211. For more information, click the link above or call (337) 232-4357.

Federally Qualified Health Centers, or FQHCs, can also be found in different parts of the state. A list of FQHCs and additional information can be found on the LA Primary Care Association website, as well as on the LA Department of Health and Hospitals website (click on the List of Louisiana FQHCs and Satellites for a listing of FQHCs).

Good Luck


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I am sixty years old.  I am dire need of dental help.  After losing everything I ever owned in Katrina, I am without dental insurance and only receive social security disability.  I have medicare which does not include dental coverage.  I have two teeth in the top and decaying teeth on the bottom.  I experience pain everyday and am self conscious to the point where I just want to stay home because of my mouth.  LSU  dental school in New Orleans is no longer free.  One hundred dollars up front and then pay as you go.  Don't have it.  I don't know why medicare doesnt' cover dental only medicaid does.  I understand how you guys feel that need help also.  I too would be very grateful for any help or referrals that might come my way.  God bless all of you

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